September 26, 2022


Sydney Swing Katz is comprised of 6 vibrant and enthusiastic dancers from Sydney, Australia. Their spectacular floorshow performances show us exactly how it was done in the 1940s. With years of experience in the competition scene, the Katz have earned the respect of some of Australia’s highly honoured Musicians and Dancers. They are now all Australian champions in the styles of Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Lindy Hop, Slow Swing and Freestyle.

Sydney Swing Katz are the official swing dancers for Australia’s premiere swing band, “John Morrison’s Swing City” and they perform regularly with this dynamite big band alongside it’s many featured guest artists including: James Morrison, Monica Trapaga, Ignatius Jones, Catherine Hunter, Rhonda Burchmore and Emma Pask.

Knockout performances in front of 60,000 people is not unusual for this talented group. They have performed at such events including “The Legends of Jazz”, Sydney Olympic Games, Numerous TV appearances, and just recently, travelling to Hong Kong to help promote some new American style shopping malls in Asia. They perform regularly at major corporate functions and entertain some highly respected personalities.

The Katz explode with colour, excitement and energy the moment they hit the floor. They perform regularly at major corporate functions and entertain some highly respected personalities. The 1940s was a spectacular era for the movement of dance and the Sydney Swing Katz have been able to capture those times where anything goes on the dance floor…recreating those gravity defying air steps, smooth floor charisma & swinging sex appeal!
The Sydney Swing Katz are an extraordinary group of dancers who not only love to entertain, but they believe that swing is here to stay!

So if you’re looking for something fun and different to spice up your next corporate function or private party, then you can’t go past the Sydney Swing Katz!! Send them an email and ask for a portfolio and keep an eye on their gig guide or come and see them wherever Swing City is playing.

The Sydney Swing Katz move and groove with some of the highest
energy dancing you will see of any style. Their highly polished
presentation has been featured with Swing City at our biggest
performances and they knock us out everytime. SSK present
traditional Lindy Hop with a fresh and original style, which continues
to amaze even other professional dancers. They don’t just burn the floor – they blow it up!
-John Morrison
John Morrison’s Swing City Band