September 26, 2022

Group Achievements

Sydney Swing Katz are the official swing dancers for Australia’s premiere swing band, “John Morrison’s Swing City” and they perform regularly with this dynamite big band alongside it’s many featured guest artists including: James Morrison, Monica Trapaga, Ignatius Jones, Catherine Hunter, Rhonda Burchmore and Emma Pask.

 May 3rd 2000 – Sydney Swing Katz performed for Swing City at Port Douglas Resort in Queensland.

• June 2nd 2000 – Sydney Swing Katz performed with Ignatius Jones for the “Clean Up The World” Charity Ball at FOX Studios. Rhonda Burchmore then joined us later at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre for a sold out concert!

• Sept 2000 – Sydney Swing Katz performed many feature dance performances throughout the Olympic Games period at official SOCOG functions and events including the following:

• Sept 5th 2000 – The SOCOG Media Event at the Sydney Olympic Media Centre to promote the Olympics Live Concert Series. The event was filmed by Channel 7’s “Today Tonight” program and later broadcast on Channel 7 in a segment hosted by TV personality Sonja Kruger.

• Sept 11th 2000 – Sydney Swing Katz were the headline act at the SOCOG welcome party in Centennial Park for 5,000 of the world’s media personnel attending the Sydney Olympic Games.

• Sept 12th 2000 – Sydney Swing Katz performed at Centennial Park, Randwick – SOCOG “Welcome The World Media Party” which was hosted by SOCOG’s Michael Knight and attended by over 3000 international media personnel covering the Sydney Olympic Games.

• Sept 29th 2000 – Sydney Swing Katz performed at a SOCOG Press Conference at the Sydney Olympic Media Centre for USA’s Gold Medallist sprinter Michael Johnson. SSK opened the press conference to welcome Michael Johnson and it was the highest attended SOCOG press conference during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

• Sept 30th 2000 – Sydney Swing Katz performed at the Sydney Domain to over 60,000 people in a special concert written by John Morrison and Leslie Moore entitled “Swing City & The Legends of Australian Jazz” featuring special guests James Morrison, Emma Pask, Ed Wilson, Tom Baker, Graeme Bell, Bob & Len Barnard & Errol Buddle.

• Oct 4th 2000 – Sydney Swing Katz were back at the Sydney Domain once again with special guest Monica Trapaga to perform for Michael Knight’s “Thank You Concert” for all the Sydney Olympic Volunteers.

• Dec 31st 2000 – Sydney Swing Katz performed on the Aqua Shell in Cockle Bay to a standing room only crowd at Darling Harbour; Later that night the dancers took centre stage at Hyde Park in front of a capacity crowd and had the park swinging until 4:30 am!

• Jan 1st 2001 – Sydney Swing Katz performed a twilight audience in Hyde Park once again before moving over to the Aqua Shell in Darling Harbour one more time to perform a big band show conceived and written by John Morrison entitled “A Century Of Music” which featured special guests Geoffrey Ogden Brown, Janet Seidel, Ed Wilson, Jeff Duff and John Field, among others.

• Jan 26th 2001 – Sydney Swing Katz performed an encore performance of it’s Federation Celebration show “A Century Of Music” at Darling Harbour to a packed house. Later that night SSK travelled to Liverpool to perform a second Australia Day outdoor concert with special guest Monica Trapaga at Woodward Park for Liverpool Council.

• May 23rd 2001 – Sydney Swing Katz performed at a packed house at the International Aerosole Awards as an intermission floor show for some of the industries most honourable members.

• Jun 4th 2001 – Sydney Swing Katz performed at a Star studded audience at Fox Studios at the premier after party of the block buster movie “Pearl Harbour”.

• Aug 12th 2001 – Sydney Swing Katz performed at Bents Basin for a great turn out for Bent Jazz with such performers as Monica Trapaga, James Morrison and many more.

• Sept 15th 2001 – SSK and Swing City performed to a packed out Hot Spot at Stadium Australia to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of the Sydney Olympic Games Lighting of the Torch.

• Oct 20th 2001 – SSK performed with Radium Club Hepsters at the “The New Perspective” dinner for the Doctors of NSW, at the Sheridan on the Park Hotel. A night enjoyed by all! Apparently this was the first time the band didn’t go to bed at 11.30pm!

• Nov 12th 2001 – SSK performed for the Annual ‘Opal Industry’ Awards Ceremony night held in Lighting Ridge.

• Dec 30th 2001 – SSK performed with Swing City in a ‘Swing Meltdown’ in Martin Place, Sydney before a huge crowd.

• Dec 31st 2001 – SSK were back again this year due to popular demand at Darling Harbour, under the stars to bring in the New Year. They then shifted to centre stage at Hyde Park in front of a capacity crowd and had the park swinging AGAIN until 4.30am!!

• Jan 26th 2002 – SSK and Swing City were swingin’ with Aussie Pride at the Royal Artillary School in Manly for an open air concert to a capacity crowd.

• Feb 27th 2002 – SSK joined the Radium Club Hepsters at the GRAND OPENING of the “The Radium Club”. Swingers and non-swingers got a taste of some really hot swing…and the Swing Katz were there to show them exactly how it was done!

• May 25th 2002 – Rotary Club Honorary Ball. Swing Katz dazzled the Rotary Club members at Castle Hill RSL with a flawless performance and a dance lesson.
Thank you letter from Castle Hill RSL Rotary Club.

• May 26th 2002 – Jazz and Shiraz festival, Swing Katz entertained wine lovers at Cronulla beach along with Swing City and a beautiful day. Press Clipping.

• Aug 11th 2002 – Bent Jazz at Bents Basin in Silverdale along with some of Australia’s leading Jazz musicians to a crowd of hundreds of Sunday Jazz lovers.

• Sep 5th 2002 – SSK performed at a Corporate Awards Night at the Hilton along with Swing City

• Sep 15th 2002 – SSK were proud to accompany Swing City at the Duke of Edinborough Awards night

• Nov 5-10th 2002 – THE BIG BREAK! Kelly and Justin were invited to dance in Hong Kong at the grand opening of American Label shopping malls all around Asia. They spent 5 days performing in front of thousands of curious shoppers and teaching a few lessons. Click here to see some photos! The client was extremely impressed and hinted about a return trip for the Katz!

• Dec 1st 2002 – Performed at Swing City’s Christmas Dance Party and also taught a lesson for some very enthusiastic beginners, so that they could join in the swingin’. A great night was had by all!

• Dec 31st 2002 – SSK were back by popular demand at the Aqua Shell, Darling Harbour on a beautiful night with some amazing guests. SSK had them swingin’ till the sun came up!!

• Jan 26th 2003 – Performed at the Australia Day Celebrations with Swing City at Darling Harbour to thousands of Swinging Sydneysiders!

• Mar 15th 2003 – SSK performed for a special function at the Harden RSL. Press Clipping.