August 19, 2022


Name: Joshua Cook

DOB: December 17, 1982

Location: Sydney, Australia

Interests: Hot Rods & Wakeboarding

Career Achievements
1997 – 1999
Holds National Titles for the following dance styles:

• Open Juvenile International

• Juvenile 50s Style Rock and Roll

• Open 1940’s Jitterbug

• Open Slow Swing

• Open Freestyle

Josh started dancing at age 11 and competing at 12. Talked into it by his mother, it began a whole new way of life for him. After competing for 2 years with his first dance partner, Kristal Forresteri, Josh then met Loren. They have been together as partners since then and love the sport with a passion. Josh feels indebted to his mother for encouraging him into dance and for supporting him throughout his dancing career.

• Additional titles held for – Newcastle Dance 2000 Rock n Roll Championship, National Capital Canberra titles, State Championships, Crown Casino Rock n Roll Dance Championships in Melbourne.

Also holds NSW State & National Titles for the following dance styles:

• Open Lindyhop

• Open Rock n Roll

• Open Rockabilly

• February 2000 Commenced performing for Australian Swing Band “Swing City”

• June 2000 Third Place in The Australian Ballroom Championships – Rock ‘n’ Roll and Jitterbug category