August 19, 2022


Name: Justin Mario Di Paola

DOB: August 14, 1982

Location: Sydney, Australia

Interests: Music, Soccer, Sports cars, Dancing & Tennis

Career Achievements
1996 – 1999
Holds Australasian Titles for the following dance styles:

• Open Freestyle

• Open Slow Swing

• Open 1940’s Jitterbug

• Open 50s Style Rock and Roll

• Open Invitational Rock and Roll

• Team Events

Justin has been dancing ever since he could walk! With the help of his mother Anna,  who owns a dance studio and has a strong ballroom background, he has won every Junior title and is now winning them as an adult. His ‘rubber-legs’ quality allows him to perform spectacular stunts on the dance floor.

• Additional titles held for City of Sydney Championships, NSW State Titles, The Southern Cross Rock ‘n’ Roll Championships Crown Casino Rock ‘n’ Roll Championships in Melbourne and The South Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll Championships.

• 1996 Winner of Perpetual Trophy for Best Juniors at NSW State Titles

• 1996 Certificate received from Local Member of Parliament John Aquilina for achievements attained at the South Pacific Rock n roll Dance Championships

• 1997 Nominated for Australia Day Youth Awards in Junior Category for Dance

• 1998 Winner of The Blacktown City Sportsperson Awards for Dance Category

2000 – 01
• February 2000 Commenced performing for Australian Swing Band “Swing City”

• June 2000 Runner up in The Australian Ballroom Championships – Rock ‘n’ Roll and Jitterbug category

• October 2001 Won Australian South East Rock & Roll Senior Championships in Victoria

• Oct & Nov 2001 Finalist in the top 3 for Rock and Roll and Jitterbug categories at the ‘Best of the Best’ heats in Sydney.