September 26, 2022


Name: Kelly Ann James

DOB: March 9, 1982

Location: Sydney, Australia

Interests: Basketball, Beach, Graphic Designing, Choreography, Animals & Shopping

Career Achievements
1996 – 1999
Holds National Titles for the following dance styles:

• Open Freestyle

• Open Slow Swing

• Open Youth & Adult 1940’s Jitterbug

• Open Adult 50s Style Rock and Roll

• Open Invitational Rock and Roll

• Team Events

Kelly and her brother Ryan started dancing by accident in April 1996, when their parents decided to take some Rock and Roll dance lessons. The dance teacher realised a natural ability in them when he saw them imitating their parents as a joke! They started to train and within 5 months, won their first State title.

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  •  1997 Winner of Perpetual Trophy for Best Juniors at NSW State Titles with her brother Ryan
  • Nominated for Young Sports Person award for the year 98-99
  • May 1999 performed in the Salute to Johnny O’Keefe concert to a sold out crowd
  • Performed in a National TV commercial for Proctor & Gamble using her dancing abilities
  • November 1999 Performed and Choreographed a performance at the annual AMP corporate conference as intermission, in association with Brent Street Dance Company.
  • Feb 2000 started performing with “Swing City” Australia’s biggest leading swing band
  • June 2000 Runner up in The Australian Ballroom Championships – Rock ‘n’ Roll and Jitterbug category
  • October 2001 Won Australian South East Rock & Roll Senior Championships in Victoria
  • Oct & Nov 2001 Finalist in the top 3 for Rock and Roll and Jitterbug categories at the ‘Best of the Best’ heats in Sydney